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Innovative Software & Emerging Technologies

Software Solutions

Transform your business operations with cutting-edge software solutions. At Bar Code Depot, we source the best partners to provide software that optimizes your workflow, enhances efficiency, and drives growth.

WMS & Inventory Control Software: Bullseye Computing

Manage your warehouse and inventory with ease using Bullseye Computing’s WMS and inventory control software. This powerful solution helps streamline operations, reduce errors, and improve inventory accuracy.

Mobile device Management

Enhance your operations with comprehensive software solutions. Designed for various industries, this software helps you manage everything from point-of-sale systems to inventory and mobile equipment, ensuring seamless and efficient management across the board.

Emerging Technologies

Stay ahead of the curve with our emerging technology solutions. Bar Code Depot sources the latest innovations to keep your business competitive and efficient.

EV Charging Solutions

Support sustainable practices with EV charging solutions. These advanced charging stations are designed to meet the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure.

Digital Advertising Signs

Capture customer attention with high-quality digital advertising signs. These dynamic displays are perfect for retail environments, providing an engaging and effective way to communicate with your audience.

AI Inventory Predictability: Standard Insights

Leverage the power of AI with inventory predictability software from Standard Insights. This cutting-edge technology uses artificial intelligence to forecast inventory needs, optimize stock levels, and reduce waste.

Trusted Partners

We carefully choose our partners to ensure the best quality products and services. Our strategic industry leadership allows us to find the perfect fit for your company’s unique needs.

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Our Most Repaired Printers, Scanners & Terminals

Repair Guides

To help our customers, we’ve put together simple repair guides for some of the easiest fixes for the most utilized barcode printers, scanners, and terminals. If these guides don’t help, give us a call!

Intermec Ck71 Repair Guide

Symbol LS3408 Repair Guide

Honeywell VM1 / VM2 Thor Repair Guide

Honeywell 1981i/1980i Scanner Repair Guide

Zebra DS3608 Scanner Repair Guide

And, if you don’t want to chase down a repair on your own, contact us today and we’d be more than happy to help!

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