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Warehouse Worker using LS3408 for scanning

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The LS3408 barcode scanner from Symbol provides excellent scanning performance and advanced ergonomics for a lightweight laser scanner. It can be used as both a hand-held scanner or in a hands-free mode in a stand. The Symbol LS3408 is one of the most popular long range barcode scanners on the market and is considered an industry gold standard. These scanners are easy to use and make inputting barcoded information simple no matter where the information is coming from. However, they do break and occasionally you will need a Symbol LS3408 repair partner.

LS3408 Repair & Troubleshooting

LS3408There are a number of commonly troubleshooted problems with the LS3408. Those problems can typically be repaired by the device user before you need to call a barcode scanner repair or LS3480 repair partner. So before you make the call, consider these common LS3480 issues.

  1. If the LS3408 scanner emits a short low / medium / or high beep sequence, it’s most likely just powering up and is normal when the LS3408 is first plugged in. If it does this sequence of beeps more than once, the the USB bus may put the scanner in a state where power to the scanner is being cycled. This can be normal during a host reset or abnormal if that’s not the case.
  2. If nothing happens when the scan trigger is pressed, there could be 5 normal possible causes.
    1. There’s no power to the scanner. That may seem like a simple problem but if you check the system power or the power supply and everything is plugged in as it should be, move to one of the other possible issues.
    2. It’s possible that you’re using the wrong host interface cable. Make sure that you’re using the correct cable then move on to another possible issue.
    3. Sometimes the power cable (or interface cable) can be loose. Make sure those connections are secured.
    4. If the first three causes aren’t the problem, then the scanner could be disabled in either SSI, Synapse or IBM 468x mode in the host interface. Make sure the scanner is enabled or ask one of your technical team members.
    5. If you’re using the RS232 Nixdorf B mode, CTS may not be asserted and you need to assert the CTS line.
    6. If none of these options work, it’s possible that the board has gone bad or that you may need a technician to take a look at the scanner. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to help.
  3. So the scanner laser comes on but when something is scanned, nothing happens. The LS3408 doesn’t decode the bar code. There are a few options here as well.
    1. The scanner may not be programmed for that type of bar code. You may need to ensure that is programmed to read the type of bar code being scanned.
    2. The bar code itself may be unreadable. You may need to make sure the symbol isn’t overly scratched or faded. You can also try scanning the sample bar codes available in the reference guide for the LS3408 found here.
    3. The bar code itself may be out of range. Try moving either further away or closer to the bar code dependent on where you are.
    4. If none of these items work, it sounds like you need our help. Give us a call or complete our contact form to schedule a repair.

SymbolLS3408-boardIf none of these answer your query, give us a call or contact us using our website’s form. When we complete repairs, most of the problems that we see are board repairs or replacements inside the LS 3408 scanner. Many times there is either a bad circuit or the board itself has become disconnected. We constantly work to procure working boards for the Symbol LS3408 for replacement as these devices wear over time.

So whether the scanner board needs a repair or there’s some other major malfunction, we can help you fix it at a much discounted price compared to purchasing a new LS3408. Give us a call and let’s see how we can help!