Honeywell / LXE Refurbished Barcode Scanners

We refurbish and repair a wide variety of scanners. Why? Well, not every business needs or can afford a new scanner and new computer system every time a system or device breaks. So we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Honeywell / LXE barcode scanners that we recommend every day that are available refurbished or which can be repaired if you have an old one. The models below have proven to be able to get the job done for years. And for many of our clients, these models more than meet the needs of their daily tasks. So why buy new if you don’t have to?

Honeywell / LXE Refurbished Scanners


Honeywell 1980i ScannerHoneywell 1980i Barcode Scanner

The 1980i is one of our most solid handheld scanners available. This model of scanner is a single scanning solution. Lightweight at 11.8 oz., the Honeywell 1980i is an industrial grade scanner. They offer omnidirectional scanning up to 52ft away, and they read both 1D & D2 barcodes. They also offer an integrated laser pointer, which helps when aiming the scanner at barcodes high up or far away. They have a strong IP 65 rating, so they keep dust out, and they are water resistant. However, you wouldn’t want to submerge this in a bucket of water. The 1980 series also has a strong durability rating. They can withstand up to 5,000 tumbles from a 3ft. distance, and they can withstand 50 drops from about 6ft. Depending on whether you purchase new or used, the new versions offer a 3-year factory warranty. Finally, this scanner was built to work in extreme temperatures. It operates in temperatures ranging from -22°F to 122°F.

In terms of the downsides, this scanner is corded. For those wanting a similar model that is wireless, the Honeywell 1981i below may be worth investigating. The other downside of the 1980 series is that they are moderately expensive if you are able to find a new one. Their retail price is in the $600-$1,500 range for a single, new device. However, but these models can often be found at a much lower price if refurbished. So if you’re looking for a good overall scanner and you are able to tolerate a cable situation, this one may be for you.

honeywell 1981i scannerHoneywell Granit 1981i

Like the 1980i model above, the Granit 1981i has all the same strong performance but with the added feature of being wireless with Bluetooth technology. This allows users to be more than 300 ft. away from the home computer and still transmit with data.

Like above, the 1981i can withstand up to 5,000 tumbles from about a 3ft. distance, and they can withstand 50 drops from approximately 6ft. It scans hard-to-read items anywhere from 6 inches to 50+ feet away. To make your job easier, this one also comes with a laser pointer to help you guide your scanning from far away, and of course, it’s wireless. So for employees on the go, using equipment, and operating equipment like fork lifts in a warehouse, this scanner offers a high degree of power and versatility.

LXE MX7Honeywell / LXE MX7 & MX7T

Another Honeywell / LXE model that’s a strong option is the MX7 and MX7T. These models are top-of-the-line wireless barcode scanner / mobile computer with all the bells and whistles. It has voice command options and an ergonomic, easy-grip handle. It operates on a Windows OS and offers ample storage in both ram (128MB) and flash memory (up to 1GB). It comes with keypad options of both 55 and 32 keys. This model has an LED backlight for hard-to-read lighting conditions and a 3.5” VGA TFT color display. It also has a resistive touch screen and stylus pen. It weighs approximately 21oz.

In terms of performance, it has a good 40 ft. scanning range, and it can also scan objects as close as 4 inches. It offers a cordless option through the use of 802.11b/g radio & Bluetooth connectivity. This allows more freedom and movement when scanning in the field or warehouse. This model offers USB and RS-232 interfaces for additional connections. It also has a useful scan vibration signal to confirm input. The MX7 uses a standard rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can operate in a range of temperatures, operating from 14°F to 122°F.

In terms of the downsides, this model isn’t quite as rugged as some of the other models. The 14°F cold rating is not as cold tolerant as several of the other models that operate effectively at sub-zero temperatures. If you’re in Georgia, you may be fine, but in Minnesota or Alaska, not so much. And while the manufacturer touts the MX7’s ability to endure drops of 5ft. and 6ft., they don’t specify the frequency of drops and tumbles it can withstand like some of the other manufacturers do. The other downside of this model is that it is one of the most expensive models available. All this connectivity and impressive functionality comes at a cost.

So if you’re looking for a wireless scanner with strong connectivity options that isn’t going to be used in extreme conditions and you have a generous budget to pay for extra connectivity, one of the MX7 series scanners may be the right choice for you.

TectonOther Options

There are a variety of other high quality Honeywell / LXE scanners that are equally as powerful. Those include the LXE Tecton, LXE Tecton CS, LXE MX9CS (or HL model). These models are similar to the MX7 – operating on a Windows platform – and tend to yield a higher price – even when refurbished.

There are also older models of scanners including the LXE8500, 8800, 8900 and 8650 Bluetooth ring scanner. While do occasionally see these scanners, we don’t see them as frequently as the 1980i or MX7, however, we can repair and refurbish any scanner in the industry.

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