Zebra Barcode Scanners: A Reputation of Excellence

Zebra barcode scanners have built a reputation of excellence for a reason. Reliable, easy to use and a leader in the industry for years, Zebra is a key component for so many successful warehouse managers.

However, even these workhorse machines can run into problems and mishaps. And there are times when you need to repair them. Proper maintenance is also key in keeping your Zebra running at full speed.

That said, maintenance is as simple as cleaning the exit window. That’s it. Nice, huh? However, do not forget about this facet, as a dirty window can affect scanning accuracy.

In order to ensure a clean window:

  • Do not allow any abrasive material to touch the window
  • Remove any dirt particles with a damp cloth
  • Wipe the window using a tissue moistened with ammonia/water
  • Do not spray water or other cleaning liquids directly into the window

Now, let’s take a look at some of the other problems that can occur. These go beyond maintenance and cover simple repair. Commonly, malfunctions with Zebra scanners may be solved by in-house troubleshooting and fixes. Following are procedures to help you through a number of possible issues:

Power concerns

If nothing happens when you follow the operating instructions, or the scanner displays erratic behavior (for instance, the laser does not come on, or the scanner emits frequent beeps), then check your power connections for loose cables and make sure that your power supply is fully connected.

Decoding concerns

If the laser on your Zebra scanner comes on, but the symbol does not decode, then you may not have your scanner programmed to read the type of bar code you are scanning. Ensure that your scanner is programmed to read that specific type of bar code you are scanning.

The bar code itself may also be damaged or defaced. In order to determine if this is the issue, try scanning test symbols of the same bar code type.

Another issue is that you may be trying to scan the bar code from too far away. Try moving closer and re-scanning. It may be as simple a fix as that.

Transmission concerns

If your Zebra scanner is decoding symbols but not transmitting them to the host, you may be facing a programming issue. In order to correct this issue, ensure that you scan the appropriate host type bar code.

Display concerns

If the data that you scan displays incorrectly on the host, your scanner may not be correctly programmed to work with the host. In order to ensure that it is, check your scanner host type parameters or editing options. Be sure proper host is selected. And be sure that editing options (such as ADF, UPC-E to UPC-A Conversion) are properly programmed.

Software concerns

As with any modern technology, there are software updates, including iOS updates. So ensure that all of these have been installed and updated.

There are even more serious/in-depth issues with scanners that occasionally pop up. For instance, if the scanner lens becomes scratched or damaged in any way, then your Zebra must be repaired. And since scanners are constantly being handled and used, they are quite likely to suffer drops and bumps that could end up knocking something loose or scratching the lens.

If you find yourself in this situation, knowing that your Zebra still has many more years of serviceable life but for a specific issue, then it might be much more financially sound to have your scanner repaired or serviced rather than simply buy a new one.

In that case, Bar Code Depot is here to help.

We understand that every minute that you deal with damaged equipment effects everything in your company. Therefore, we are here to provide all of your barcode equipment repair needs – including for all Zebra barcode scanners – with a speed that will get your equipment back online as fast as possible.

All of our repairs also come at a cost designed to provide the biggest benefit to your bottom line. We understand that going to the original equipment manufacturer can ring up sizable repair bills in short order. And you might think it is worth it for the amount of expertise they possess.

At Bar Code Depot, however, all of our technical staff has worked for major OEM’s (like Zebra/Motorola) and we are up to date on all of the latest technology in the field of barcode scanners and warehouse management systems.

We also do 90 percent of our repairs – including 100 percent of barcode scanner repair – in-house. This is why we are able to make repairs with utmost speed. It also allows us to do it at a lower cost – something that provides savings to our customers.

Bar Code Depot also provides all of our customers with free estimates on all repair jobs, so that you can decide what’s best for you – whether to go ahead with repairs or replace the unit.

No matter your problem with any Zebra barcode scanner we can solve it.

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