The Labor Shortage is Still Impacting the Supply Chain. Here’s what COOs are doing about it:


The Labor Shortage is Still Impacting the Supply Chain. Here’s what COOs are doing about it:


The supply chain has shifted dramatically in recent years. As higher demands for shipping and warehousing continue to increase 25-50% every year, there is now a 43% turnover rate in the warehouse. Labor shortages prevent the supply chain from adapting to rising shipping demands by slowing workflows and preventing data access. These rising demands and higher turnover rates cost warehouses at least $365,000 a year. Therefore, without solutions that manage these challenges, that number will only continue to rise and cause higher downtime and wasted productivity. To meet higher demands and the still ongoing labor shortage, supply chain COO’s are implementing automation solutions that prioritize adaptability and ease-of-use. The current labor shortage keeps workers tied to mainstream tasks instead of working on more important ones. However, the right automation solutions effectively automate mainstream tasks like data capture to free up workers and create smoother workflows.


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Meeting the demands of labor shortages starts with implementing automation solutions that can deliver accurate data capture to help create efficient workflows. Consequently, more decision-makers now gravitate towards systems that improve data access with…


  1. Enhanced asset tracking and data capture accuracy – Labor shortages cause ineffective asset tracking that costs businesses thousands of dollars annually. Fortunately, you can gain more accurate and enhanced data capture capabilities with Zebra’s ET51 enterprise tablets. Enterprise tablets deliver higher durability, simple mobility, enterprise-class scanning, and a flexible design for your company’s needs. This gives your workers consistent, real-time access to valuable insights for better decision-making and faster workflows. This helps improve productivity even during labor shortages to maintain an accurate inventory and efficient distribution process.
  2. Reduced expenses through superior reliability – Reducing downtime and labor costs can help minimize the impacts of labor shortages. Purpose-built mobile devices, like Zebra’s MC3300 mobile computers, that come equipped with rugged IP54 sealing and 5 ft. drop specifications can handle challenging environments to reduce downtime and keep workflows smooth. Rugged devices also ensure that workers are equipped with the technology they need to complete important tasks.
  3. Higher RFID label and tag printing accuracy – More distributors are turning to RFID technology that can help avoid unnecessary errors and empower insight into business operations. Enhanced data insight into supply chain workflows can help speed up operations to minimize errors and improve productivity, which minimizes labor shortage challenges. This can be achieved with reliable label and tag printing options, like Zebra’s ZT600 RFID industrial printers, that accurately print and encode RAIN RFID labels, tags, and cards where and when workers need to, which empowers supply chains with consistent real-time data access.


Supply chains suffering from the impacts of labor shortages can reduce errors and labor costs with the right technology. Contact Bar Code Depot for reliable automation solutions that help maximize your distribution operations.


Shipping demands and labor turnover rates continue to rise.

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