Flex-Shield Barrier

Masks and social distancing may not be enough to keep your customers and employees safe during our current medical environment.

Bar Code Depot is proud to now offer a physical barrier that can protect your employees in the warehouse during lunch or customer and employees from direct engagement.

These lightweight, freestanding barriers from Innovate help maintain a physical barrier during person to person interaction and safeguards your employees from one another or from customers.

In addition, the Flex-Shield polycarbonate barriers also have optional wings to extend the shield horizontally.

Panels are available at various sizes. The most common Flex-Shield barrier has the following features:

  • Quick, toolless installation
  • Freestanding structure
  • Constructed of polycarbonate
  • 23.75″ x 30″ tall
  • 12″ wide x 3.5″ tall cut out serves as a pass through window
  • Available accessory wings with flexible adhesive hinges allow you to configure panels at any angle.

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