5 Ways to Combat Extended Lead Times

5 simple ways you can combat extended lead times

An Industry Wide Issue – Extended Lead Times

Like we tell all of our customers the laughable 10-12 week lead times are industry-wide. As a vendor, it kills us to tell our customers that it’s going to take months to get them their product. Something that didn’t seem possible just a few years ago but here we are in 2022 and really with no end in sight it feels we might feel these supply chain woes for the unseeable future. However, we are finding ways around extended lead times and wanted to share them in this article.

1. Repairs

Instead of buying new data collection equipment and waiting months to receive it. We have been recommending repairing your current data collection equipment. This way you are saving money and getting your equipment back within just a few days.

2. Refurbished

Another easy way to combat extended lead times is by buying refurbished data collection equipment. We keep many popular models from all manufacturers in stock and can ship the same day. This had been a popular option for many of our customers who simply cant wait weeks/months for their equipment.

3. Renting

Usually a method we see around the end of the year for inventory or keeping up with demand. Renting data collection equipment is another way to get around extended lead times. Whether you need barcode scanners, mobile printers, or mobile computers we are confident we can find what you need.

4. Ordering in Advance

One thing we ask our customers is to let us know what data collection equipment they need in advance so we can get it ordered ASAP. That way they get the equipment when they need it and not when they absolutely have to have it. So planning in advance by talking with your vendor early in the process can make both your life and the vendor’s life easier.

5. Find Alternatives

A lot of times customers will order a product they previously had or the newer version if discontinued. This is fine but a lot of times by simply finding an alternative manufacturer you can avoid long lead times. Not all manufacturers make their products overseas so they can get their products out much faster. So by simply shopping around and doing your homework, you can find different alternatives and get them much faster.


We hope these 5 alternatives will help you combat those pesky extended lead times. We don’t think these supply chain issues will get better anytime soon but now that you know how to get around them feel free to contact us anytime and we’ll be happy to help you in a number of ways.