Hands-Free Technology Has Become Crucial for Successful E-commerce Fulfillment. Here’s Why:



Hands-Free Technology Has Become Crucial for Successful E-commerce Fulfillment. Here’s Why:

As e-commerce continues to reshape supply chains, distributors are tasked with meeting shipping demands while managing product shortages. Increasing demands for products amidst cyclical labor shortages have increased the prevalence of surprise out-of-stocks in today’s warehouses and manufacturing plants. Without seamless accessibility to inventory counts and incoming orders, the workforce simply cannot keep up with demands, which leads to reduced customer satisfaction.



To combat these challenges, supply chains are ensuring they implement real-time visibility into operations. Real-time visibility helps maintain an effective inventory and a staff that is more aware and prepared for product shortages. Solutions that reliably implement real-time visibility and improve productivity help warehouses satisfy their customers.


Enable effective inventory management with Barcode Depot and Zebra.



To streamline operations and implement real-time visibility, Barcode Supply partners with Zebra to bring innovative, wearable technology solutions that can enhance productivity, streamline checkout, and adapt to supply chain challenges like product shortages. Barcode Supply and Zebra’s hands-free technology solutions reinvent operations with…


  1. Enhanced flexibility and functionality in your warehouse – Rugged, wearable technology can provide reliable hands-free scanning that is crucial to maximizing productivity in your e-commerce operation. Choose flexible and functional technology like Zebra’s RS5100 Bluetooth Wearable Scanner that pairs with practically any Bluetooth-enabled devices, can instantly pair with NFC, comes equipped with an advanced removable battery, and delivers near-instant data capture scanning for your needs. Also, its design is tiny and practically weightless, yet comes with a rugged design to deliver low TCO. These versatile features make it easier for your workforce to keep your warehouse organized.
  2. Simplify and speed up shipping operations – Implementing purpose-built technology can speed up the distribution process because it gives your workers access to hands-free technology and intelligent imaging. Hands-free mobility with technology like the WT6300 wearable computer helps simplify inventory management with new features that drive productivity and accuracy. Picking, receiving, packing, inventory management, and replenishment can be significantly improved with an optional keypad and faster processor. This helps your business optimize order fulfillment and stay on top of e-commerce demands.
  3. Maximized workforce collaboration and mobility – When your teams don’t have access to relevant information, the rest of your facility is forced to waste more time and energy completing tasks, which can diminish operational efficiency. To prevent this, businesses choose to implement wearable mobile computers that can connect your workforce to empower your warehouse workers with better access to the information they need. Wearable mobile computers, like Android’s WS50, are equipped with push-to-talk capabilities and task management applications to enable real-time collaboration to resolve issues faster. The WS50 also comes with a SE4770 imager for advanced barcode scanning to enable wearable data capture. A connected warehouse that instantly captures data is more prepared for shifting e-commerce demands.


Equipping your operations with capable technology solutions can help it prepare for shifting demands. Contact us at Barcode Depot to streamline warehouse efficiency.