Essential Services: Bar Code Depot and the American Supply Chain

Man scanning box for shippingHave you ever stopped to think how much work is done globally to ensure goods reach their destination? Nearly $19.5 TRILLION in goods were exported globally in 2018. And that’s just in trade. Once those goods are shipped to one destination, they then must be scanned, accounted for and then the bulk separated into smaller volumes to ship to distributors, retailers and sometimes directly to the consumer. During the holiday season alone, USPS scans 20 million packages a day. So, if you consider the volume of items scanned, labeled and accounted for – the volume is incredible.

We at Bar Code Depot are honored to be part of that effort here in the United States. We work with clients at various stages of the supply chain, from large volume producers like P&G and Georgia Pacific – to massive shipping companies like DHL – as well as small local companies providing refrigeration space to the food and poultry industry here in Georgia. So whether its ensuring your homes are receiving cleaning chemicals, food, toilet paper or just your order from an online retailer – we’re glad to be part of it.

We’ve also been named essential services for some of our major customers so we can continue to provide them (and you) with the repairs, refurbishments, leases and equipment they need to continue to get essential products to consumers and healthcare providers.

And, given everything that is happening right now with COVID-19, we know the importance of ensuring that all of customer’s equipment is functional and working on an efficient basis. We provide fast service, quality repairs and refurbishments and love to serve our customers.

We continue to pray for those impacted by this horrible virus but also want you to know that we are with you and will continue to help each of our customers continue to operate their businesses in these uncertain times.

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